Sanctuary CD Signed Free Shipping

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Sanctuary CD Signed Free Shipping

2 ratings

Sanctuary - Exploring the Healing Path is an album of musical chants and spoken word. Alana Levandoski teamed up with contemplative depth psychologist James Finley to create an album for those who wish for a non-toxic spirituality to be included in their healing journey.

1. Where to Start

2. Move Slowly

3. We're All Waiting to Be Met

4. Encountering the Inner Child

5. So Far to Go

6. Do Not Perpetuate Violence

7. I Believe You

8. The Hurting Places

9. Sustained in All Things

10. There is a Peace

11. Every Breath is Grace

12. In Your Most Childlike Hour

​​“Bathed in James Finley’s gentle voice and Alana Levandoski’s beautiful music, you may feel as though you are held by gentle, loving hands that can accompany you every step of your healing journey. We all need such blessed companions.”

- Bonnie Badenoch, author, Being a Brain-Wise Therapist''

Alana offers all of her physical music at as low of a cost as she is able... that means some people who might not otherwise get it will get it, and others who wish to offer more than the stated amount, can just put in their own chosen amount. It is a way for all the listeners to connect and support each other while still making sure Alana can continue her work!

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