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ALANA LEVANDOSKI Roots Music for Contemplative Seekers
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Written in the third week of November 2016, this EP (which includes music lead sheets/lyrics) is a bracing lament for what we all intuited to be true... that we don't live in a post-racism culture and that immature systems will always die (read: "transform") hard.

1. Where Can I Go From Your Spirit O God

2. The Way of the Cross

3. Cosmic Canticle

4. Still You Are With Me

5. Hope Beyond All Hope

Chanting some of the most incarnational Psalms that imply a vast cosmology of Presence is therapeutic to sing at the end of the story of severance we have been telling ourselves.

Alana offers all of her digital music in the spirit of the gift economy... that means some people who need to receive it as a gift are welcome, and others who wish to offer a gift are welcome. That way no one is left out.


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Imago Dei Digital Download and songbook PDF

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