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Described by Richard Rohr as "profound and beautiful" and by Image Journal as "a complete circle to enjoy without ceasing", this "Christ Narrative" begins in the mystery of origin, implying an Advent at the very beginning of the first particle and continuing on as the universe expands. Moving from there, the album points at the Advent of Jesus as a marking point of conscious incarnation for all.

1. Behold, I Make All Things New (Alpha)

2. Show Me the Place (Leonard Cohen)

3. Glory

4. The Innkeeper

5. The Magi

6. Leave All Things

7. As the Father Sent Me

8. Felix Culpa

9. Tolling the Bells

10. The Heart of God

11. The Christ Hymn

12. Let This Mind Be in You

13. I Become What I Receive

14. The Christ in You (Mike Scott)

15. Abide in Me

16. Every Breath is Yours

17. Behold, I Make All Things New (Omega)

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Behold, I Make all Things New CD Signed Free Shipping

0 ratings